SearchCited - A No-Hassle Research Tool

SearchCited is a new website and tool that offers a fast, easy way to cite your sources. We know that citing sources can be the most tedious part of research. In fact, that's why I started the project as a senior in highschool! Thanks to SearchCited, it doesn't have to be anymore.

Our Goal - Make Bibliographies More Useful

Our goal is to make bibliography composition so seamless and easy that students will gladly use bibliographies to keep track of information, rather than simply doing it out of obligation. We believe that bibliographies should be more than just a requirement, but a handy method of organizing research.

The Complete Guide

Pictorial instructions on how to cite sources, and make your bibliography in minutes.

First off, choose what citation format you want; either MLA, APA, or Chicago.
After that, type a term into the searchbar and press "enter" to search.
Click 'Add this to your bib' to add a source to your bibliography.
Below each result is its formatted citation.
To download your finished bibliography after all annotations are added, click 'Download'.
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That's it! You are ready to use SearchCited!